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Hi yo I’m a professor now.

On this site, you will find a variety of professional information about me as it relates to my academic training, as well as professional expertise. I like to think this website as an e-Business Card, that can offer more depth than a business card, LinkedIn profile, or curriculum vitae.

Previously I was employed as a senior manager of systems for a mid-sized company. Before taking the senior management job, I was hired out of my undergraduate program to fill the role of an ASP.NET Developer for a county school system, and my very first job was interfacing Canon digital cameras to an Access database to automate workflows for a local photographer when I was 16. I have held a passion for technology my whole life; technology has enabled me the ability to convey ideas with a keyboard that I was otherwise unable to convey due to a learning disorder called dysgraphia.

My career focus now is to take this passion for how technology enables us as individuals and organizations, and share the current state of knowledge, as well as generate new knowledge. I am tremendously excited about this focus, and it has lead me to seek positions as an Assistant Professor in Information Systems. Whether I’m explaining to the latest group of undergrads why you had to use two 5.25″ disks to boot into your OS, or how to enable an event handler hook into the Android OS, I have always held a passion for sharing this knowledge, and I am now in a position to generate this knowledge.

We teach and are taught in our business communications classes to avoid loaded words and overly emotional charged sentiment, but I am tremendously excited that you are here to read about me. I hope you find this information useful as you seek to find the ideal candidate to fill the open positions at your universities, and I hope to be considered for that position.

As a final note, if you read my research interests, I focus on analytics for both organizations and application. At the base level, I have taught how to leverage Google Analytics in my introduction to web design classes in order to gain insight to target users of their website. By the same paradigm, I have Google Analytics enabled on this webpage, and am excited to see the conversion rate from applying to jobs into click-through on my website.